MIT International Students Association


In the academic year 2011-2012, ISA created a scholarship endowment fund for international students at MIT. This will contribute to the need-based financial aid at MIT for international students, increasing the limited funds available for international undergraduate students.

MIT alumni:You can donate to the cause through the MIT giving website (attaching link: by selecting International Students Scholarship Fund (3329360). This counts as any other alumni donation towards your giving record and is tax-deductible.

Others:We are currently working on accepting donations from non-MIT sources. If you are interested in helping our initiative or providing feedback/other information, please contact the Presidents of the International Students Association.

UPDATE - SITEWIDE MESSAGE (9/3/2020): The ISA is excited to be launching a new program, ISA Hubs, meant to bring unity during this different period of life for students. Please see our page and sign up at this link. We wish you all a great start of the new semester!
UPDATE - SITEWIDE MESSAGE (6/14/2020): With the continuation of COVID around the world, and the recent social ills brought to our attention over the past few months, we as the ISA are in solidarity and support with all those affected. Our club's message and more information and resources can be found from this link: Read the ISA Statement. For anyone who has questions, feel free to reach out to us from the Resources/Contact Us menu at the top or use the social media links found at the bottom footer.