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For now, as we go live with ISA Hubs, please fill out this form:
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This will get you into our database. Be on the lookout on this website for more information as it becomes available, as well as all of our social media sources (found at the bottom of this page or in the contact us section). The main information to link you to the leaders of the hubs is found below, and should be the point of contact for you to get started with ISA Hubs once you've entered our database!

Statement of Purpose ISA-Hubs

An ISA Hub is a group of MIT affiliates (initially undergraduates, with potential expansion to include graduate students and alumni depending on the projects success) that are geographically close and therefore share a similar time zone. The purpose of the Hubs is to have a centralized place to do regional work, projects, networking, and maintain a tangible connection to MIT. In essence, the Hubs will be virtual bubbles across the globe for MIT students to utilize when physically located in a certain region. Hence, we see a purpose for them beyond just this semester with the MIT community scattered by the pandemic. Moreover, this structure aims to provide mentoring to first-year students and to keep students on leaves of absence or studying abroad connected to the Institute. Each Hub will have a representative who will be responsible for organizing the Hubs events and will serve as a link to the ISA and MIT. One of the principal driving factors for creating the Hubs is that they will always be student led and managed, unlike similar existing projects. By global students; for global students.

Information for your Time Zone

Contact Name Time Zone Email Contact Region Name
Edgardo Letona GMT -3 to GMT -6 The Americas
Nico Van Wijk GMT +5 to GMT +13 TBD
Adib Hasan GMT -6 TBD
Baptiste Bouvier GMT +1 to GMT +3 The Prime Bears
Danna Rosenfarb GMT +3 to GMT +4 TBD

Social Media and Links

At the bottom of this page, you can find various links to keep up with our club through social media!

UPDATE - SITEWIDE MESSAGE (9/3/2020): The ISA is excited to be launching a new program, ISA Hubs, meant to bring unity during this different period of life for students. Please see our page and sign up at this link. We wish you all a great start of the new semester!
UPDATE - SITEWIDE MESSAGE (6/14/2020): With the continuation of COVID around the world, and the recent social ills brought to our attention over the past few months, we as the ISA are in solidarity and support with all those affected. Our club's message and more information and resources can be found from this link: Read the ISA Statement. For anyone who has questions, feel free to reach out to us from the Resources/Contact Us menu at the top or use the social media links found at the bottom footer.