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Arab Students Organization

Bangladeshi Students’ Association

MIT Bangladeshi Students’ Association is a close-knit community of students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who are enthusiastic about promoting and nurturing Bangladeshi culture on campus. MIT BSA organizes several events every term which cater to the social, intellectual and cultural aspects of our campus community. We celebrate national, cultural, and religious events, host notable Bangladeshi intellectuals (including Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus) for talks and discussions, and put up cultural shows. We are also committed to the service of the underprivileged and throughout the years have fundraised for important causes like Cyclone Sidr and Save the Children. MIT BSA is unique in that it is an equal mix of undergraduate and graduate students, and it serves as a platform to unite the wider Bangladeshi population in the greater Boston area.

Brazilian Students Association

The Brazilian Students Association aims to promote the culture, music, food and customs from our country while creating a welcoming community for Brazilians around MIT. We strive to be a home away from home to Brazilian students in both undergraduate and graduate studies, but at the same time inform other students about the cultural aspects of our country. We also hope to be a bridge for prospective students who want to find out more about student life at MIT.

Colombian Association

We are a student association where Colombian students and other students interested in the Colombian culture get together on a regular basis. We have academic events with Colombian thought leaders such as ministers, ambassadors, among others, to discuss different topics relevant to Colombians or students who want to have an impact on the country. We also plan many social events such as our traditional Guarito y Ron dance party and Arepa Marathon, dinners and movie nights.

Hong Kong Student Society of MIT

Encompassing all international student organizations, the Hong Kong Student Society of MIT, or HKSS in short, is naturally an affiliate to the International Student Association. As opposed to being a closed community of Hong Kongers, HKSS is more of a student organization where Hong Kong culture is well embraced and displayed. As an internationally influenced city geographically located to the south of China, Hong Kong’s culture celebrates many Chinese festivals such as the Chinese New Year, or the Mid-Autumn. Having been colonized by the United Kingdom for a hundred years, Hong Kong also follows various western traditions such as Christmas and Easter. Last but not least, and arguably the most exciting, urban traits of Hong Kong individuals, including Dim Sum brunches, Karaoke, as well as Mahjong is undoubtedly the unique feature for the social scene of Hong Kong, as well as HKSS. As much as a social based organization HKSS is, partnerships between peers as well as outside of our organization are also highly encouraged. There are countless engages within our organization regarding helping each other with homework, but on a more grand scheme, inter organization collaborations such as ours with the ISA that make us a platform for valuable student interaction.

Latino Culture Center

The Latino Cultural Center (LCC) functions as the hub for Latino students and student organizations, as well as individual community members interested in learning more about Latino culture. The LCC is composed of two main parts, the business offices of the student organizations, and the lounge for academic and social activities. The purpose of the LCC is to provide a space for students to meet with study groups or to study individually, to socialize, and to hold cultural and social events. Our mission is to promote and support Latino culture at MIT by providing a bridge between Latino organizations in order to build a stronger community within the institute.

MIT Canadians Club

Our mission is to connect the Canadian community at MIT across traditional departmental boundaries. We organize social, educational and professional activities for on-campus (and local-area) Canadians and friends of Canada to meet and establish new academic/entrepreneurial collaborations or friendships. We also organize cultural and Canadian-themed events to help bring a slice of the true, north, strong, and free to MIT's campus.


Our purpose is to spread, promote and advance the Italian culture at MIT and in the Boston area, create a network for Italian students at MIT and serve as a link between MIT and Italian Companies, Universities and Associations. We strive to facilitate a well-connected network of students who are linked by a shared experience of both MIT and Italian culture. If you’re on campus, come to our events, and if you’re abroad, stay in touch!


Sharing Nepali culture through MIT and empower students with our events to help create a more global world.

Romanian Student Association

Romanian people, events and culture @ MIT


Stammtisch is a club dedicated to bringing together those who share an interest in the German language and culture. We hold events such as Feuerzangenbowle and Filmabend as well as weekly meetings for practicing conversational German. MIT students and affiliates of all German ability levels are welcome.

Thai Students Association

Thai Students Association at Massachusetts Institute of Technology or TSMIT is a cultural and educational network of Thai undergraduate and graduate students at MIT. TSMIT has served as a hub of communication within the Thai community in the greater Boston area since the early 1990’s. Over the years, TSMIT continues to organize social and cultural events, receive important guests from Thailand, and connect Thai students from the many colleges in Boston. In addition, TSMIT intends to promote international standing of Thai heritage among its members and with the outside community through intellectual and cultural activities.

UPDATE - SITEWIDE MESSAGE (9/3/2020): The ISA is excited to be launching a new program, ISA Hubs, meant to bring unity during this different period of life for students. Please see our page and sign up at this link. We wish you all a great start of the new semester!
UPDATE - SITEWIDE MESSAGE (6/14/2020): With the continuation of COVID around the world, and the recent social ills brought to our attention over the past few months, we as the ISA are in solidarity and support with all those affected. Our club's message and more information and resources can be found from this link: Read the ISA Statement. For anyone who has questions, feel free to reach out to us from the Resources/Contact Us menu at the top or use the social media links found at the bottom footer.